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As a new type of baby-carrying product, hip seat baby carrier is different from traditional baby slings and strollers in the following ways:

❤Suiting a long age period of baby, from 4 months to 36 months, from when baby learned to sit to baby walking

❤Wearing this product is comfortable as a kangaroo mama, with no tiring and stressing. Babysitting in it has a wide view and feel safer, just like a baby kangaroo in a mama kangaroo’s pocket

❤Multiple using ways allowing you to free your hands while carrying a baby. Even after the baby learned to walk you can also use the stool when the baby needs your hugs and holds

❤Suitable for every condition, even stairs and outdoors climbing mountains

Reinforced X-strap Support

Distributes weight evenly throughout your back, shoulders, hips, and legs. No more pulling like standard over-the-shoulder strap designs. This unique support setup allows the strongest part of your back to be utilized and unlocks more parts of your body to bear the weight, making your child feel near weightless.

3D Hip Seat Support Base

Absorbs your child’s weight lessening the direct pull on your body. Your child’s legs are lifted and supported at hip level, not hanging or dangling like with other carriers. The sturdy hip seat base makes you less top-heavy, stopping hunching and allowing you to stand up straight to put less stress on your body.

M-shape Position

The wide support base also allows your baby’s hips to rest in the healthy, doctor-recommended ‘M-Shape’ position. This is crucial for baby comfort, helping to reduce distress and anxiety in your little one.

Comfort in Any Condition

Too hot or muggy outside? Roll up the front pocket to reveal our breathable mesh. This design feature allows air to freely flow through the carrier, reducing sweat and discomfort for your child.

Unmatched Storage

Four easy-to-access storage compartments are right at your fingertips. Perfect for diapers, wipes, cell phones, keys, credit cards, ID, and even a drink! Leave your cumbersome diaper bag at home!

Steps for Usage

Carefully Crafted Ergonomics

Carry your child for longer without a sore back or shoulders. The support base combined with the X-strap support creates an unbeatable combination that will preserve your much-needed and valuable daily energy.

Q: 1. Do You Need a Baby Carrier?

A: Many Babylist parents say it’s their most important baby gear item. That’s because carriers offer tons of benefits, including:

❤Your hands and arms get a break from doing all the baby-holding work.
❤Allows you to do other things while keeping your baby close.
❤You get a boost of oxytocin (the love hormone) when you have physical contact with your baby, which promotes bonding and can help improve postpartum depression and anxiety.
❤You can skip lugging a stroller in and out of the trunk or on public transit.
❤It’s easier to navigate through crowds using a baby carrier than pushing a stroller around.
❤Research shows that babies who are carried three hours a day cry 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening.

Q: 2.When Can Your Baby go in a Carrier?

A: Theoretically speaking, babies can be already carried in a carrier as a newborn. However, you have to remember one thing; babies need to be at least 3 or 4 months old before they have strong neck muscles to support their heads. If you carry a less than 3-month-old newborn in a carrier, you need to provide adequate assistance for the baby’s head to rest on.

Q: 3.How to Choose a Baby Carrier?

A: Because there are so many baby carriers to choose from, narrowing it down to one is difficult. To help, consider the following:
❤Longevity: If you want a carrier that lasts into the toddler years, you’ll need one that can accommodate a higher weight and has front-facing positions.
❤Comfort: This applies to both you and your baby. The seat of the carrier should allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position. For you, think about how much back and shoulder support you’ll need. If you plan on wearing your baby for hours at a time, look for padded shoulder straps and lumbar support.
❤Climate: Lightweight fabrics and breathable mesh are best for warmer weather while heavy knits and padding are perfect for colder temps.

Q: 4.Why Choose Sunveno Baby Carrier?

❤Growth Companion:Three ways for babies at different stages of growth. The maximum load is 20kg.
❤X-Cross Shoulder Strap Design: Allows stress to even out between your shoulders and waist, ultimately minimizing stress on your back and abdomen. We’ve also included plush, extra-padded shoulder straps for your protection and ease of use
❤Ergonomically Designed: With a 30-degree slope, this infant carrier allows the baby to sit in a natural M-position as opposed to traditional carriers that cause pressure and discomfort on delicate baby hips; Ensures healthy skeletal development in all seating positions; Dotted seat surface gives the baby a better grip
❤Breathable Light-weight Material: Made from soft, breathable fabrics. Zippered 3D mesh front pocket to keep baby cool. Filling is made from environmentally-friendly EPP. Waterproof, durable, machine-washable
❤Room For Your Belongings: Four multi-purpose pockets on the side and front to safely stow personal items, such as phone, wallet, pacifier. A tuckaway baby hood included for wind and sun protection
❤At Sunveno, we are committed to providing only the best in mother and child products, including a full range of high-quality items for growing babies. By using professional product designers and using top quality materials, our products are ones you can rely to keep your child safe and comfortable.



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