Baby Dish Baby Bowls Plates and Spoons Set Crab Kawaii Dishes Food Silicone Feeding Bowl Non-Slip Babies Tableware Kids Stuff


  • Pink Crab
  • Green Crab
  • Blue Crab
  • Brown Crab
  • 6PCS Pink
  • 5PCS Pink
  • 5PCS Green
  • 5PCS Blue
  • 5PCS Brown
  • 4PCS Pink
  • 4PCS Green
  • 4PCS Blue
  • 4PCS Brown
  • 3PCS Pink
  • 3PCS Green
  • 3PCS Blue
  • 3PCS Brown
  • 6PCS Green
  • 6PCS Blue
  • 6PCS Brown
  • 4PCS Pink 1
  • Pure Blue Crab
  • Pure Pink Crab
  • Pure Green Crab
  • 4PCS Green 1
  • 4PCS Blue 1
  • 4PCS Brown 1


Strong Suction:


Baby Tableware Food Grade Silicone Plate Non-slip Baby Feeding Dishes Cute Baby Products.


Funny Design:


Crab cute shapes with bright cheery colors are loved by kids of all ages, let them enjoy mealtime. It is stylish to take photos for them and post them to your personal social account, it can get more attention.


Safe Material & Build to Last:


Our toddler plates divided are made from high-quality silicone that has passed the most rigid food safety standards. BPA, PVC, Lead


and Phthalate free to ensure the safety of your baby. Since silicone doesn’t fade or wear, our suction plate for babies is built to last.


Unique Cute Crab Design & Strong Suction: Comes in a unique Crab shape with bright cherry colors, this baby plate sticks easily to


table surface and makes mealtime more fun and easy. Your little one can enjoy this silicone plate comfortably without spilling food


all over the place thereby saving your time and effort.


Promotes Independence:


This baby plate with suction is made with 3 sections, being able to separate your child’s food will not only encourage cleanliness,


but it can also promote healthy eating through perfect, portion-controlled meals. The placemat has tall, curved sides to help toddler


self-feed, with the deep sides and dividers in this cute Crab plate toddlers, can dig in with their hands.


Easy to Clean & Carry:


Our suction plate for babies and toddlers can be rinsed with warm soapy water or placed in the dishwasher, resistant to high temperatures,


dishwasher and microwave are safe. This suction mat is compact, lightweight, and packaged in a reusable bag, so it is perfect for dinners


out and travel.


We absolutely guarantee if you’re less than 100% satisfied, please get in touch with us for a


replacement or full refund at any time for any reason. We won’t just say try our products but we’re


truly dedicated to your satisfaction.


Note :

When you received your package, if you have any problem, please contact us.

Thank you.



Pink Crab, Green Crab, Blue Crab, Brown Crab, 6PCS Pink, 5PCS Pink, 5PCS Green, 5PCS Blue, 5PCS Brown, 4PCS Pink, 4PCS Green, 4PCS Blue, 4PCS Brown, 3PCS Pink, 3PCS Green, 3PCS Blue, 3PCS Brown, 6PCS Green, 6PCS Blue, 6PCS Brown, 4PCS Pink 1, Pure Blue Crab, Pure Pink Crab, Pure Green Crab, 4PCS Green 1, 4PCS Blue 1, 4PCS Brown 1


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