Guard belt


Product category : Support belt

Material: cotton

Function : stomach lift

Applicable season: four seasons

Color: pink, shrimp

Size : L, XL

Stage of regulation: pre-pregnancy

Specifications L : Length: 155cm, XL: Length: 164cm

What should I pay attention to when using the stomach strap?

1. In order not to affect the development of the fetus, the stomach lift belt should not be over-tightened and should be taken off at night.

2, the telescopic elasticity of the stomach lift belt should be relatively strong, can lift the enlarged abdomen from the lower abdomen, thereby preventing the uterus from sagging, protecting the fetal position and reducing the pressure on the waist.

3, should be selected to increase with the increase of the abdomen, easy to remove and wear, breathable and not sultry stomach belt.

4, wearing time in addition to sleep time, the rest of the activities can be worn

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 156 × 44 × 19 cm





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