Pregnant Women’s Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Baby Stethoscope Movement


Product information:

This is a home fetal heart rate monitor for pregnant women, baby stethoscope, fetal movement

It has a highly sensitive independent probe to easily detect fetal heart sounds, clear listening|, digital curve dual display, external sound reinforcement design

Easy pregnancy test at home is more secure, every baby’s arrival is a small fortune for mom and dad. Looking forward to meeting him for the first time, and praying for his birth. Jiu’an Doppler fetal favorite,

Highly sensitive independent probes can easily detect changes in fetal heart rate at home, bringing the baby a caring guard.


Type: Household

Product size: 35mm X 95mm X35 mm

Product weight: 500g (including battery)

Probe working frequency: 2.0MHz

Measurement display range: 50-230BPM

Comprehensive sensitivity: >90dB

Working temperature: +5ᄚC~+40ᄚC

Power supply: two AA batteries 1.5V batteries

2.0MHz ultrasound probe: accurate detection of fetal heart rate fluctuations

<20mW/cm2 ultrasonic output power: enjoy comfort and care

Digital curve dual mode, you can see directly and understand

External speakers

The fuselage probe splits the fetal heart detection more convenient

LED color backlit large screen: clear reading of values

Energy-saving lasting: 60s no operation automatically shut down

Packing list:

Fetal heart rate host *1

Fetal heart rate probe*1

Manual *1


Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 150 × 50 × 50 cm



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