Baby Knee Pad (Kneecap) For Infant Toddlers


1 Pair Baby Knee Pad Kids Safety Crawling Elbow Cushion Infant Toddlers Baby Leg Warmer Knee Support Protector Baby Kneecap

The benefits of knee pads:
1. Protect the tender skin when crawling, and don’t be afraid of cold legs when changing diapers.
2. Protect young and tender legs from scratches when playing in the park.
3. Go to air-conditioned places: keep your legs warm in the season when you enter and exit supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, air-conditioned buses, subways, and airplanes.
4. Protect the baby’s fleshy calf from ultraviolet rays.
5. Don’t be afraid of your baby getting cold hands and feet when you sleep.
6. In addition to being worn on the legs, it is also suitable for arms.
7. Simple and convenient to wear, suitable for all seasons. Fits most babies: The knee pads are unisex. Usual for -24 Month
Size: Kneepads circumference approx 5.1 inches; round pad diameter 2.36 inches
Packing method: 1 pair of independent packing
Baby gift: The baby knee covers is a good gift for your friend who has a baby
Washing: They are easy to wash, machine washable, and dryer safe
Three characteristics of the baby knee pad: anti-collision, elbow pads, knee pads


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